Martin Alfke

Puppet 4 has many new features which will bring new power to Puppet users. But: with great power comes great responsibility. Which means that Puppet 4 will break with old, no-longer-best-practice stuff. The talk will give an overview on the new features and the deprecations and tries to provide information for a proper upgrade path. We will talk about Puppet packaging, the Puppet Server, the environments, the new data functions, the data types, the deprecations, and the how to upgrade. This talk is meant for people already having Puppet in place and who want to learn about the new features. People not using Puppet so far will get an understanding of why getting Puppet 4 is a good idea.

Presenter Bio:

Martin is co-founder & CEO of example42. He has been a Puppet and automation enthusiast since 2007. In former times he would have said he is a "system administrator." Nowadays he likes the term "infrastructure engineer." The big difference: System administrators ssh's into systems to fix them, infrastructure engineers fix their automation. Martin has served as PuppetLabs training partner in Germany since 2011, conducting the official Puppet trainings. In his spare time Martin likes reading books and visiting interesting locations.