Nate Loomis and Dan Spurling,
Wells Fargo and Getty Images

As businesses increasingly demand both speed of innovation and reliability of technology from IT, automation is no longer a “nice to have”. In this panel discussion, understand what automation is needed at a minimum, how it is changing to help cope with the evolving role of IT, and how it drives success.

Presenter Bio:

Nate Loomis manages the Automated Configuration Engineering team at Wells Fargo and has worked with Puppet for about three years. Nate is focused on creating coarse interfaces to an event-based architecture with the flexibility to deliver on the complex requirements of an organization our size. He has been programming since the age of seven and specifically working with deployment automation and configuration for the last ten or so. He has been a developer, an architect, and many roles in between. He has a passion for tinkering with technology, and is a strong supporter of our open source community. Nate lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and two kids. He enjoys pina coladas but isn't into yoga.

Tenured tech-exec that is all about leading high-performing Technology groups that are partners in the success of the firm. Currently the VP of Tech Services at Getty Images, but also have had good times at T-Mobile, JPMorgan, and WaMu as well as a couple of consulting firms. People and Technology transformation is core to how I work, and is a requirement for any successful IT org today that is trying to Cloud, DevOps, be relevant, etc. While an MBA and certifications tell a story, more of my learnings have come from successes and failures in real life.