Peter Magnaye, Jez Miller and Elyse Salberg
FINRA, Heartland Payment Systems and Putnam Investments

Discover how three industry leaders are transforming the role of IT within their organizations with the help of automation. You’ll hear real-world examples of where to get started and best practices to ensure success.

Presenter Bio:

Peter is the Director of Technology at FINRA and oversees full lifecycle infrastructure services to internally-developed applications. Peter also leads the engineering team that on-boards new technology platforms in FINRA. He lead the introduction of the Hadoop big data platform towards better regulation of the U.S. financial markets. Recently, he has been working on jump-starting internal application's adoption of the AWS public cloud platform. His team has been using Puppet Enterprise to support all infrastructure-related initiatives. He is excited to be given a chance to share their story and looks forward to meeting peers and practitioners during the conference.

Jez Miller is an Infrastructure and Operations leader with a passion for DevOps. With more than 20 years of tech industry experience primarily in the healthcare and finance industries at companies ranging from Series B-funded startups to 50,000 person fortune 500 corporations, he has experience with many ways to, and many ways NOT to, implement new technologies, processes and effect cultural change.

Elyse joined Putnam Investments with the singular objective of implementing configuration management and automation. Almost two years later, she is informally known as "The Puppetmaster", slowly but surely making servers do her bidding whether they like it or not. She is Puppet Certified, a member of CAB, and currently works with Puppet Enterprise 3.8.x and Razor on Redhat Linux and Windows.

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