Daniel Dreier
Puppet Labs

Overview of how new Puppet 4 language features have been put into practice by the Puppet Labs ops team. We're writing much cleaner and more concise code and using PuppetDB with the new DSL to create much more dynamic infrastructure. PuppetDB and Puppet 4 iteration can be used for service discovery, designating masters dynamically and placing workloads dynamically in AWS. We'll also talk about pitfalls and how to mitigate those risks using defensive coding and monitoring.

Presenter Bio:

Daniel is a systems operations engineer at Puppet Labs and a co-organizer of the Portland Puppet User Group. His recent work is heavily focused on infrastructure for the Puppet Forge and Puppet Labs corporate websites. Outside of work, he's contributed to the puppet-puppet puppet module that the puppetlabs-operations team maintains and rewrote the riak puppet module that Basho Labs maintains.