Dan Bode

This session discusses the advantages of using Puppet together with Consul to allow for more reactive automated infrastructure.

  • Provides an introduction to Consul
  • Covers how Consul can be used with Puppet to ensure that your "Puppet profiles" register with a service discovery system and are self validating
  • Presents strategies for using service registration and discovery to build distributed orchestration solutions
  • Shows examples of how to make configuration more dynamic, like allowing service to re-configure themselves as nodes are either added to or decommissioned from a pool

Presenter Bio:

Dan has been working at Bodeco for 2 years, helping companies with large scale infrastructure automation solutions. He is currently focused on building deployment solutions for large scale OpenStack environments. Previously, he did a four year stint at PuppetLabs, where he helped grow the company as one of the original employees. Prior to Puppet Labs, Dan held a wide range of technical positions supporting scientific researchers in HPC environments (usually by writing them software).