Reid Vandewiele
Puppet Labs

Are you finding it difficult to describe your desired configuration using only package/file/service types? Are the 30-odd types available out of the box with Puppet not enough to effectively model your state? Puppet ships with enough vocabulary to get you started but no one should limit themselves to just the built-in types. In the more than ten years since Puppet was created the community has implemented many new primitives that expand the vocabulary of things which can be described by Puppet. This session will present a series of high-quality, low-level utility modules that don't ship with core but that any Puppet master would be glad to have in their toolbox.

Presenter Bio:

Reid Vandewiele works for Puppet Labs as a technical solutions engineer (TSE) based out of Portland, Oregon, building and assisting with proof-of-concept Puppet implementations and technical introductions. Reid joined the TSE team at Puppet Labs in 2012, transitioning to Puppet and the TSE role after spending four years as a Unix/Linux system administrator at Portland State University. After ramping up at Puppet HQ, in 2013 Reid spent four months in London, UK helping to establish the EMEA regional TSE team. Upon returning to Portland he began taking on a more cross-functional role in communicating customer needs and use cases to the internal product engineering teams. Areas of particular focus and interest include Puppet at scale, workflow and technology integrations.