Phil Zimmerman
Time Warner Cable
How do you harness the power of 10,000 killer robots and make them do your bidding? You are using or thinking about using the awesomeness of r10k. How do you automate the automator in your workflow? At Time Warner Cable, we have created a process for doing just that. Focus on writing great modules and don't worry about how your changes will get deployed to your puppet master(s)—just know they will be there. Come learn about a sane Puppet dev and release automation process.

The following will be covered:
- Overview of Iterative Development Flow Using R10K
- Automated Puppetfile Manipulation
- GitHub Post-Receive Hook (where the magic happens)
- Capistrano Integration
- Release Deployment Workflow (versioning, git, Jenkins and r10k)
- Jenkins Build and Release Process
- Puppet Deployment Process, Ship It!