Gordon Rowell

Google's Corporate Engineering SRE team provides infrastructure services used by many of Google's desktops, laptops and servers. This talk gives an overview of the design philosophy, challenges, technologies and some interesting failures seen while implementing infrastructure at scale.

Presenter Bio:

Gordon Rowell is a site reliability manager at Google, Sydney. His team focuses on delivering services to Googlers around the world. They have migrated major internal services to run on Google technology and are currently focused on removing dependencies on the corporate network.
He enjoys the challenges of building robust systems that scale and has a particular passion for configuration management.

Prior to joining Google in 2006, he worked as an independent systems developer with a focus on telecommunications infrastructure. He also worked at e-smith/Mitel building an open source Internet small business server/gateway. He lives in Sydney, but used to live in Ottawa, where he ice-skated to work.

Gordon has earned a bachelor's of science with honours in Computer Science from the University of NSW.

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