Jeffery Smith

Puppet can be a scary thing to jump into. You're bound to make mistakes. My goal is to make sure you don't make the mistakes we've already made. This talk is a walkthrough of our Puppet journey, along with the hurdles, pitfalls, solutions and existing problems. We'll cover Module organization Testing Modules, what you should and shouldn't do despite the testing hype Branching strategies for source control Puppet, Application Deployments and the necessary dividing line between the two Secrets management (Passwords, SSL Keys and keeping them out of the source code repository)

Presenter Bio:

Jeff Smith has been working in the technology field for almost 15 years. He has a love for open source software and workflow management. Jeff's first exposure to configuration management was via homegrown bash scripts, but when he met Puppet, it was love at first sight. Jeff currently serves as the manager for the site reliability engineering group at GrubHub.