Beth Cornils, Libby Molina, Steve Axthelm and Colin Brock
Puppet Labs

You've heard about the Puppet Enterprise console, but you have no idea what it does or why it matters. We will walk you through the wonderful world of the console and how you can take full advantage of its capabilities to make your life easier. We will go through everything from how it integrates with the other components of PE so you can visualize and better understand your Puppet infrastructure, help you to manage your Puppet nodes, and control who has the ability to configure them.

Presenter Bio:

Steve is a software engineer at Puppet Labs who has worked on the Puppet Enterprise console for over two years. Among the things Steve cares deeply about are: a11y, coffee and pie.

As an engineer working on the Puppet Enterprise Console, Colin enjoys building GUI tools that help empower users. He also enjoys hiking the Pacific NW, and attempting to keep up with the ECMAScript standard. Both can be exhausting.

Beth Cornils is a product owner for configuration management, Puppet DB and the Puppet Forge. She's spent the last year at Puppet Labs learning about automation, Linux and why sysadmins do what they do. Firm believer that, there's a graph for that.

Libby is a software engineer who has been tackling Front End problems for over 16 years, 2 of those years at Puppet. She enjoys contributing to the Puppet Enterprise GUI's access control, node management, and most recently its re-architecture. Recent passions include embracing challenges in her new love: Clojure.