Kris Amundson and Scott Garman
Puppet Labs

Configuration management tools have been primarily focused on server and application domains, but IT infrastructure includes more than just servers. Networking infrastructure has become increasingly complex and feature-full, and managing the configuration of network devices has come under increased demands for higher velocity and consistency. This talk will give an overview of the NetDev API, which was developed at Puppet Labs in collaboration with enterprise network vendors. The NetDev API allows users to manage their network configuration alongside their application and server configuration code. It will demonstrate the power of the Puppet NetDev module ecosystem to maintain the same networking configuration across multiple devices and vendors, bringing network configuration management into the same "Infrastructure as Code" paradigm that the DevOps movement advocates.

Presenter Bio:

Kris Amundson has been pushing packets since the days of token ring and vampire taps. From data centers to the top of 300ft wind turbines and operating networks at the South Pole, Kris joined Puppet Labs in 2014 for his next adventure: expanding the power of Puppet for network engineers. As part of the operations team at Puppet Labs, Kris maintains the corporate network as well as consulting with business development and engineering on network device support in our products.

Scott Garman is a senior engineer at Puppet Labs focused on bringing Puppet to manage enterprise network infrastructure. He has previous experience as an embedded Linux developer and technical evangelist at Intel's Open Source Technology Center, and has presented at many conferences and events, including the Linux Foundation's LinuxCon and Embedded Linux Conferences, LinuxFest Northwest, Open Source Bridge, and local user group events in his hometown of Portland, Oregon.