Ben Hughes

Back in the golden days, some companies had a server, the extravagant ones, maybe even two. Now days with things like commodity hardware, virtualization and this new website called "cloud", some companies have upward of even ten servers now. What a time to be alive. We will enjoy together:

  • What modern day infrastructure security involves
  • How that is in any way different to how it was in the late 90s
  • How your ops team looks exactly like a great attacker
  • No really, is Docker any different from Solaris Zones?
  • Configuration management has made this better, right?
  • Github: Where private keys are shared
  • Sobbing for hope and profit!
Presenter Bio:

Ben has tricked people in to employing him to work with and against infrastructure for over 15 years, across four countries and numerous levels of startup success. He's been involved with security for far longer, but one can never talk about that kind of thing. He's presented at devopsdays Minnesota, London and Berlin, Velocity Conference, Bsides Toronto. He has 8 commits against Puppet! He also still has a scar from Gary Larizza on his wrist.