Rajesh Easwaramoorthy

Do you need to manage the lifecycle of your operating system and applications in your VMWare vSphere environment? Are you looking to automate across your infrastructure, operating systems, middleware and applications? Are you tired of using point solutions for automating individual areas? Join VMware and Puppet Labs to learn how to: - Easily model and automate deployment of applications to your private, hybrid or public cloud - Manage drift, roll-out updates, and ensure consistency in your deployed applications - Use the vSphere Puppet module to launch and provision new virtual machines in vCenter - Integrate VMware Orchestrator (vRO) and vRealize Automation (vRA) with Puppet Enterprise to deploy and manage Puppet agent nodes.

Presenter Bio:

Rajesh Easwaramoorthy is a Product Manager in VMware's Cloud Management Group and has over 11 years of experience in developing IT solutions for enterprises. Rajesh is focused on solutions for Cloud Application Management and DevOps.