Daniele Sluijters

In tech we often forget to talk about the people. This sessions will focus on what it means to identify as LGBTQ in the technology community. I want to share my stories and those of so many other LGBTQ members in the tech community to foster a more equal and open environment and to help set an example of how a community like ours can deal with this and lead the way. In the end, all I hope is to impart a simple message on people: be a good human.

Presenter Bio:

Daniele Sluijters is a featured community member and author of tools like pypuppetdb and Puppetboard. He works together with the Puppet Labs module team on a number of modules, most notably puppetlabs-apt and has worked on a number of Puppet-related publications. He's been involved in the community for about five years, starting off with helping out on IRC and the mailing lists and eventually a regular speaker at Puppet events and community gatherings.