Sally Lehman

Writing Puppet to cover all the different parts of your system is a lot less time consuming if you use modules already available on the web to compliment what you build yourself. There are a number of ways to do this and keep track of which modules you are using and their updates, including git submodules, librarian-puppet and r10k. This talk covers how to use those methods, how to adapt the modules you've included to your needs, and how to contribute back to the community. Attendees will learn to confidently and quickly integrate modules from GitHub and the Forge into their design, make adaptions or improvements to the design, and make contributions back to the Forge.

Presenter Bio:

Sally grew up in various small towns in Oregon and Washington, and is a recent transplant to Tempe, AZ. Her first computer experiences were with EMACs, MS-DOS, and Ski Free when she was < 5 years old. At GoDaddy, Sally is an email engineer. She built out the Puppet and CI/CD server infrastructure for GoDaddy email marketing and Madmimi.com, and maintains uptime on a range of GoDaddy's existing email products. Sally's favorite movie is Office Space, and she makes a mean Tiramisu.

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