Kait Carter and Celia Cottle
Puppet Labs

This session will cover the multitude of community resources and documentation for getting help with both enterprise and open source Puppet, and which resources are appropriate for what kinds of problems. Additionally, we would offer some basic troubleshooting information, such as where the basic logs reside, and how to strip out identifying information. We’d also cover important information on how to ask for help, what details to include, and an overview on community etiquette.

Presenter Bio:

Celia Cottle is a Support Team Lead at Puppet Labs, where she troubleshoots and resolves issues for Puppet Enterprise customers. She comes from Portland State University, where she worked for the College of Engineering and Computer Science doing technical support, while getting her degree in Communication. She’s been working in IT for over seven years and enjoys problem solving, working with a wide range of OSes and software, and the variety of challenges that supporting Puppet Enterprise brings. She currently resides in Portland, Oregon.

Kait Carter is a support engineer at Puppet Labs. She spends most of her time helping Enterprise customers resolve a variety issues. She also helps train and mentor new Support Engineers. Before working at Puppet Labs, Kait spent three years as a Lead Technical Research Assistant at Oregon Health and Sciences University. During her time at OHSU she installed in-home motion tracking systems which included; motion sensors, networking devices, and data collection servers. She enjoys problem solving and helping her teammates solve complex problems.