Ryan Coleman
Puppet Labs

Your entire datacenter doesn't need to be lovingly hand-crafted Puppet manifests. Focus your time and energy on the specific, business enabling challenges. Puppet Labs runs the Puppet Forge, a community-driven collection of modules that let you do anything from build an entire OpenStack PaaS to provide you with an awesome new resource type. Come learn what the Forge is all about, where it's headed and how to build the next great module that will live amongst the 1300+ contributed by your peers.

Ryan will cover the following and a little more.
- What the Puppet Forge is and what you'll find there.
- Module Design Patterns (e.g., parameter naming & puppet-lint)
- Module Testing Frameworks and Practical Examples (e.g., rspec-puppet)
- Iterative Development Tools and Practices
- Forge Publishing Workflows (e.g., versioning & github)

Presenter Bio:

Ryan is a product owner at Puppet Labs, responsible for the Puppet Forge. He used Puppet at Penn State to keep up with demands in Penn State's central infrastructure teams before joining Puppet Labs as a professional services engineer. He has tackled building services like Shibboleth, MIT Kerberos, Samba and Zimbra across distributed environments on top of IBM's GPFS file system and would love to chat with you about solving problems with Puppet.

Learn more:
  • Ready to dig in? The Learning Puppet VM provides you with a safe, convenient virtual environment to get started.
  • Just getting started with Puppet open source or Puppet Enterprise? All our docs are available as downloadable PDFs for easy reference.
  • PuppetConf 2014 will be back in San Francisco. Developer Day will be held September 22, PuppetConf will be held September 23-24. Save the date!