Eric Anderson
Wells Fargo

In the world of deployment automation, tooling tends to either fall into one of two different models. Directed deployments work well for orchestrating an ordered sequence of events for a multi-tier application deployment, while convergent deployments work well for guaranteeing that the actual state of each server matches a desired state. By merging these two models together, it is possible to enable full state management of servers, while orchestrating complex multi-tier application deployments having requirements that don't fit well into the convergent model. Complex compliance, change management and traceability requirements can be implemented with directed convergence. In this session, the use of Puppet Enterprise for convergence will be explored with various potential options for directing that convergence.

Presenter Bio:

Eric is an application systems engineer with Wells Fargo. He has over 15 years of experience in the automation of application deployments using a variety of platforms. He has an unwavering passion for configuration management, DevOps and deployment automation. He lives in St. Louis with his wife Katie and four-year-old son Phoenix, and enjoys gardening, amateur radio, and gaming in his spare time.

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