Emilien Macchi and Colleen Murphy
Red Hat and HP

OpenStack is today the largest open source project to deploy cloud computing resources. Puppet is today the most popular tool to deploy OpenStack at scale. In this presentation, we understand why we need a tool like Puppet to deploy such a big project. We will also focus on the importance of the community ahd how to contribute.

Presenter Bio:

Emilien Macchi is a software engineer at Red Hat, and has contributed to several OpenStack projects but mostly to the Puppet OpenStack project, on which he's the current project technical leader. When he isn't working to make OpenStack deployement simpler, faster and stronger, he's improving his running stats, doing some winter sports or traveling.

Colleen works at HP as a software engineer on the OpenStack Infrastructure team and is a core reviewer on the StackForge Puppet Modules team. Previously she worked at Puppet Labs as a module engineer. She has a background in system administration with the Computer Action Team (The CAT) at Portland State University.

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