Michael Olson, Jeremy Adams, Chris Barker
Puppet Labs

Webinar on November 19, 2015

DevOps seeks to align business goals with the goals of development and operations teams. Technology is quickly becoming a strategic business differentiator, bringing IT closer to the business, as customers take advantage of the new applications and services coming online. One challenge IT teams face is a timely way to deploy, configure and manage these critical business applications. A DevOps approach offers enterprises a way to accelerate application delivery.

Hear from Michael Olson, Product Marketing Manager, Chris Barker, Principal Technical Solutions Engineer, and Jeremy Adams, Manager of Technical Solutions Engineering from the Puppet Labs team, as they discuss how Puppet Labs’ new Application Orchestration solution helps IT teams deliver on DevOps. You’ll also learn how you can:

  • Easily model your application infrastructure to make installations, upgrades and ongoing management repeatable and reliable.
  • Configure, deploy and update critical applications faster and without downtime.
  • Quickly cycle in new technology, while maintaining and/or cycling out old technology.