Robin Calhoun
Jama Software

Even with the best intentions, collaboration at work can go horribly wrong. We’ve all experienced working in teams where there’s a process that no one gets, communication goes awry and decisions somehow always feel wrong. What’s going on? Behavior science, particularly behavioral economics, can help bring predictability to this ridiculous pattern at work. Knowing certain human traits can start to explain why some collaboration attempts work, and others fail miserably. In this talk I'll share recent scientific findings about how people think and make decisions. Learn ways we’ve changed how we work at Jama Software, and moves you can use next time you find yourself working with other people!

Presenter Bio:

Robin Calhoun is a product manager for Jama Software, as well as a certified ScrumMaster. Calhoun users her education in human behavior and economics to direct product decisions and team management, combining this expertise with the ever-evolving body of knowledge in Agile development practices. Before joining the Jama team Calhoun was a product manager at Tendril, defining data-driven energy service management products. She holds a degree from Columbia University in neuroscience and behavior.