Peter Sprygada

Hey, automatically building a VLAN or applying some basic configuration to an interface on a command line driven network device is a neat trick but it's time to get real. Let’s start talking about how to tactically transform today’s mostly command and control driven, CLI interfaces into a more agile-focused, integrated solution. We will touch on the evolution of network support in Puppet and take a look at how it all comes together through the application of DevOps principles. But pretty pictures only go so far, so we will plan to spend most of our time on a live system looking at real use cases in operation today.

Presenter Bio:

Peter Sprygada brings over 20 years of network design, engineering and operations experience working with large enterprises and service providers in the United States, Asia-Pacific and Europe. Currently he leads the extensibility engineering team at Arista with a focus on applying DevOps principles towards building and operating hyper-scale data center infrastructures. During this time he has worked closely with Arista customers to transform strategic initiatives around network programmability into tactical deployments, helping customers realize the benefits of operationalizing full stack, software-defined cloud networking solutions.