Bruce Payette

PowerShell is a critical skill set if you want to manage Windows systems no matter what solutions or tools that you use. This session will explain the platform approach we are taking with PowerShell and show you how to use it to manage systems. There will be a particular focus on writing Desired State Configuration resource providers so that you can light up value-add Configuration Management solutions like Puppet.

Presenter Bio:

Bruce Payette is a Principal Software Engineer in Microsoft's Cloud and Enterprise group. He is the inventor of Microsoft's Desired State Configuration Management (DSC) technology as well as a founding member of the PowerShell team, and co-designer of the PowerShell language. Bruce has been working on shells and configuration management tools for over 20 years and is the author of the bestselling book "Windows PowerShell in Action". Bruce, along with Jeffrey Snover and Jim Truher, received the 2012 LISA Outstanding Achievement Award for contributions to the system administration community.