Alice Nodelman
Puppet Labs
How do you ensure the quality of a multi-platform, networked application? You need not only an automated approach to provisioning the infrastructure, but also a way to reliably test it.

Beaker is an open source acceptance testing tool built by Puppet Labs to automate the testing of our large, complex testing ecosystem. It can stand up test environments by provisioning virtual hosts locally or on a variety of cloud platforms. Once the environment is up and configured, Beaker then executes tests in a consistent and repeatable way.

Beaker was initially built to be an acceptance testing framework only, but it has grown and expanded. The Beaker DSL has been adopted as a testing library by Puppet module developers, executing Beaker commands within an RSpec framework with the beaker-rspec bridge. Other communities inside and outside of Puppet are looking to use Beaker as a cloud provisioner and virtual machine configuration tool.