Chris Baker
Puppet Labs

AWS and other cloud technologies provide tremendous benefits over traditional physical and virtual infrastructure solutions, however with them comes their own new challenges around management. Using services and components of Puppet Enterprise, this session will walk through some of those challenges and how to best address them. Topics include: securely auto-provisioning and decommissioning nodes; tools for logging and monitoring nodes in AWS; utilizing Puppet's catalog and desired end state model to get better insight into cloud spending behavior. The presentation will cover the Puppet Labs AWS module, how it is used by the Puppet Labs solutions engineering team, including how it was used to build this presentation. Modules from the talk will be available to help get one started with puppetizing AWS infrastructure.

Presenter Bio:

Turning in his pager for an airline miles membership, Chris Barker now helps fellow system administrators refine and automate their infrastructure. In his past life as a systems administrator, he has administered Linux, Windows and OS X systems in infrastructure ranging from small businesses to Fortune 500 companies. He was drawn to Puppet due to his automation-driven creativity. When not traveling for Puppet Labs, he resides in Portland, OR automating parts of his house and deconstructing cocktails.

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