Ryan Coleman and David Lutterkort
Puppet Labs

Ryan and David dive deeper into the keynote demo and into upcoming Application Orchestration technology, including a discussion about its architecture, tooling, language additions and our roadmap for the next few releases.

Presenter Bio:

Ryan is a product manager at Puppet Labs. He's worked on the Puppet Forge, Approved & Supported modules and is currently working on Puppet Enterprise. His background is in systems administration, working at Penn State on central services like Shibboleth, MIT Kerberos, Samba and Zimbra across distributed environments on top of IBM's GPFS file system.

David is a principal engineer at Puppet Labs and the technical lead for Puppet Labs' development of application management, and used to lead the development of Razor, the best provisioning tool, ever. Before joining Puppet Labs, David worked at Red Hat on a variety of management tools and served as the maintainer of Apache Deltacloud. He was one of the earliest contributors to Puppet, and is the main author of Augeas, a configuration editing tool.