Gary Larizza
Puppet Labs

You took my advice from last year and refactored all your Puppet code in one fell swoop - cool! The time comes to run Puppet and test it out, and........Puppet makes no changes on your system. Uh oh. This begs the question: Am I awesome or does this refactor suck? If you had used Beaker to develop acceptance-level tests for how your systems SHOULD look, you would know, definitively, the answer to that question! Explore Beaker, testing, code refactors, and all the other "Sh*t Gary Says" for 45 minutes of Puppet, Ruby, and Uber stories. Come for the "best practices," stay for the worst cases.

Presenter Bio:

Gary Larizza is a professional services engineer for Puppet labs who conducts training, performs on-site consulting, and awkwardly shies away from most airplane conversations. His blog at garylarizza.com contains his Puppet ramblings and has been read by more people than he ever expected (including his boyfriend's mother). When not Puppetizing he can be found behind two CDJs and a DJM-800 mixing, according to CIO Nigel Kersten, "the trance-iest shit ever." His rainbow onesie game is strong.