Podcast: Building a DevOps Team

published on 20 June 2013

DevOps Team Podcast

Kelsey Hightower, operations manager at Puppet Labs, joins community lead Dawn Foster to talk about "Building a DevOps Team" in the latest Puppet Labs Podcast. They discuss topics relevant to those who move from technical roles into management.

Kelsey explores how we handle Shadow IT, how we embody DevOps without putting it in our job titles, and how to make management a true specialty alongside your technical prowess.

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Podcast: Design and User Experience at Puppet Labs

published on 6 June 2013

Design / UX Podcast

In the newest episode of the Puppet Labs Podcast (dare I say Puppetcast?), Dawn Foster is joined by Joe Wagner, Jenny Mahmoudi, and Paige Huggins for a discussion on product design. We cover some of the ideas and processes behind how products are designed here at Puppet Labs, and how you can get involved to be a part of that.

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Razor Podcast

published on 16 November 2012

Razor Podcast

In this episode of the Puppet Labs Podcast, Mike Stahnke and Dawn Foster talked to Daniel Pittman about Razor. For those of you who aren't familiar with Razor, it is provisioning software that handles bare metal hardware and virtual server provisioning, and Daniel is the head of Puppet Razor development. We talked about several topics, including:

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Puppet Labs Operations Team

published on 23 August 2012

Some time with Puppet Labs Operations

In this episode Mike Stahnke interviews Ben Hughes and Zach Leslie of the Puppet Labs operations team. They discuss the unique challenges of being a sysadmins for a company built with so many system administrators (or former system administrators). Other topics covered include when it is appropriate to wear a Pink Sombrero.

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