Gareth Rushgrove: Creating & Scaling a Publishing Platform for the UK Government

published on 21 November 2014

In today's installment of Conversations with Puppet Labs, Gareth Rushgrove shares how his team consolidated hundreds of separately hosted, separately created sites into a single website for the UK government.

If the task sounds daunting, it is ... But Gareth says his team wasn't attempting the impossible. Instead, they simply needed to focus on making lots of incremental improvements over time.

They created small, multidisciplinary teams, allowing them to make decisions quickly and deliver software on a daily basis. 

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Kelsey Hightower on Opportunities, Fears and the Mindset of a Change Agent

published on 14 November 2014

Welcome back to the Conversations with Puppet Labs podcast, our second podcast channel where we're talking with people in the industry about what it means to be a change agent in IT operations, how to overcome resistance and how to alleviate pain points — for yourself and for your business.

This week, we're speaking with Kelsey Hightower, a developer advocate and toolsmith engineer at CoreOS. Kelsey says being a change agent comes with great responsibility and accountability, and while it's good for the team and organization, it can be self-serving too.

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