published on 8 January 2014

Solomon Hykes is the founder and CTO of Docker (formerly Dotcloud), and he talks about Docker and the rise of Linux containers. Hykes compares and contrasts the differences between a container and a virtual machine, and about how Docker can make it easier for developers to develop their application within a controlled Linux environment. Ops can receive containers from developers, and then deploy them in any way that they want, whether it's on the public or private cloud.

Solomon also briefly mentions how configuration management solutions and containers can co-exist. Since the recording of this interview, there a Docker module has been released on the Puppet Forge. Yelp's Tomas Doran also recently gave a talk at Puppet Camp London, "Taking control of chaos with Docker and Puppet."

Be sure to check out James Turnbull, a former executive at Puppet Labs (and now at Docker), talking about how he sees the co-existence of configuration management and lightweight containers.

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