published on 11 July 2014

Want the details on what's new in PuppetDB 2.1.0, just released this week? Kara Sowles, community manager, and Kent Bye, video content marketer, sat down with software developers Ken Barber and Ryan Senior to chat about all of the new features in the 2.1.0 release of PuppetDB.

They’ve been hard at work on the new release and have lots to be excited about. Hint: this release is chock full of benefits for users.

Ryan and Ken are especially excited about the query engine. "We've spent a lot of time fixing inconsistencies and expanding the things you can query," said Ryan. "From a maintenance perspective, it's a big win for our developers, and from the functionality perspective, it's a big win for PuppetDB users."

Tune in for all this, plus little-known facts such as how PuppetDB got its name, and Spotify’s contributions to its development.

We’ll answer these questions:

  • What is PuppetDB?
  • What can PuppetDB do now that it couldn’t do previously?
  • How does PE use PuppetDB?
  • How do you tag something so you can run a query on it?
  • What are endpoints?
  • Plus so much more.

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