published on 15 August 2013

Puppet and OpenStackFlorian Haas, CEO, Principal Consultant from Hastexo joined Chris Hoge, OpenStack Developer for Puppet Labs, and Dawn Foster, Community Lead at Puppet Labs for a discussion during OSCON on the love affair between OpenStack and Puppet.

"The reason why we find Puppet particularly interesting and appealing," says Florian, "is that when we look at all these tools, Puppet has a massive mindshare ... there's some very interesting work that has been done there."

At Puppet Labs we've been maintaining a set of modules that allow you to deploy a whole OpenStack system with Puppet, but it's part of a much larger body of contributors. The modules are a community effort, developed under the OpenStack StackForge community.

The OpenStack Tour de Force tutorial during OSCON used these modules as part of KickStack. KickStack is a custom deployment wrapper built on the Puppet Labs OpenStack modules, which enables installation of an Openstack cloud in as little as 20 minutes

Looking to get some more OpenStack and Puppet goodness?  Florian Haas from Hastexo is holding a class on deploying OpenStack with Puppet in Portland. Register now to attend Puppet Cloud Jumpstart for OpenStack.

At Developer Day, the day before PuppetConf, we'll devote one of the many hacker tables to OpenStack. During PuppetConf  there are more OpenStack talks than I can list here.  See you then!

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