published on 14 April 2014

Cloudera fans, rejoice! In this week’s Puppet podcast, Kent Bye and I talked to Mike Arnold, author of the Cloudera-certified CDH module, now available on the Puppet Forge. The CDH module deploys part of the Cloudera management stack, which can then be used to deploy Cloudera's Hadoop distribution onto a system.

Image of puppet forge module install razorsedge-cloudera

Mike notes, "I know when I started four years ago it was, 'What's this Hadoop thing? What do you mean a Java-based file system, what's that?' It's been a great journey since then — things got very popular very quickly, and Hadoop seems to be on everyone's mind nowadays. It was a good way to add a skill set to my systems administrator cap that lets me do quite a lot of cool things with distributed clusters."

Mike's put a lot of work into this impressive module, and it's great to hear him talk more about it. If you're interested in learning more about provisioning Hadoop clusters with Cloudera Manager and Puppet, this podcast's for you.

You can find all of Mike's modules on the Puppet Forge under razorsedge.

You can also check our many other recent podcasts by visiting our podcast page or subscribing in your favorite podcast tool.

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