published on 29 December 2014

In this edition of the Puppet podcast, Kara and Kent sat down with Felix Frank, Puppet power user and systems engineer, and Josh Partlow, Puppet Labs software engineer, to chat about contributing to the Puppet core projects — primarily Puppet, Facter and Hiera. Felix is one of the top contributors of all time to the Puppet mailing lists and a Featured Community Member.

Felix got started contributing to the Puppet Core projects by writing the first couple of Puppet patches for his employer. For folks new to contributing to Puppet core projects, Felix suggests, “For me, the best thing to start with was Puppet types and providers. It’s work that is quite obvious and palpable and straight-forward. You can get results fairly quickly.”

Josh agrees that the Puppet types and providers extension is the best way to get started and what he sees mostly from the community. They go on to outline the entire process of contributing to the Puppet Core, including the most important and difficult pieces.

Keep listening to hear Felix and Josh talk about how to write tests for your patches. Josh says,”Don’t be afraid to ask for help.” He goes on to give advice on the best ways to get that help.

Felix talks about his new book, Puppet Essentials which he created for folks who are used to writing software or operating servers and want to get started using Puppet quickly. He goes on to talk about how it can help you ramp up on Puppet, how his book came to fruition and his stint in blogging.

Find Felix on GitHub and check out his blog. Follow him on Twitter @felis_rex.

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