published on 3 July 2013
In the latest Puppet Labs Podcast, Dawn Foster is joined by Henrik Lindberg and Kenn Hussey to tell you about Geppetto, a Puppet IDE (Integrated Development Environment). Geppetto validates your code, checking for problematic expressions and telling you "no, you're going to regret doing that!" "It's configurable - so you can control how much of a nagging, backseat driver you want Geppetto to be, by saying either "Ignore all stylistic problems, I'll do it my way!", or "Turn them into warnings or errors"" Geppetto gives you a whole gift basket of goodness, with syntax highlighting, code completion, and the ability to navigate the source code in a smart way, full integration with the Puppet Forge, and.... well, I'll stop with the spoilers and let you listen to Henrik and Kenn tell you about it themselves! See the rest of the podcasts.

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