published on 27 August 2014

Have you used Geppetto? (Hint: it’s not Pinocchio’s creator.) Listen in to the Geppetto 4.2 edition of the Puppet Podcast to learn all about the latest release. Kent and Kara chat with Thomas Hallgren, the Puppet Labs engineer responsible for much of the work on 4.2.

Geppetto is an IDE, interactive development environment, tailor-made for editing modules and Puppet manifests and publishing git modules from the Puppet Forge. Thomas tells us more about IDE's and what makes Geppetto superior to others.

Geppetto can test your code as you create it. ”Geppetto keeps things live and runs builders to verify and link everything together and gives warnings. With Geppetto, you’ll have a Puppet ‘lint’ tool that’s running all the time and keeps a well defined model of everything that you’re editing in the workspace." Thomas explains.

Thomas finds the documentation tool tips and code completion helpful in this release. He illustrates the objectives for Geppetto 4.2, including support for new module metadata attributes, the new text based editor for metadata.json, improved module validation, and more.

Listen to find out:

  • Recommendations for those writing their first module
  • Puppet Forge integration
  • How the new release works for eclipse
  • Plus more

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