published on 4 December 2013

We caught up with Google's Brad Fitzpatrick at OSCON this year to talk about what has developers and operations folks so excited about the Go Language (aka golang). Go came out of Google in 2009, and has been slowly been adding different services to the language.

Fitzpatrick says, "I was disappointed in the different compromises that you had to make between the different languages. You either got this safe little playground that was slow and generated lots of garbage. Or have this like scripting language world where you would waste a lot of CPU, and you could do only one thing at a time or you were in event-callback hell. Or in you're in C++ land where you have to do everything where you have total control of everything but it's also a pain." Go seems to provide a nice middle ground where it is fun like a scripting language, but it also allows you go do low-level tasks and provide concurrency that's lacking in other scripting languages.

Fitzpatrick says that people in operations tend to like it because Go compiles down to a self-contained binary, which makes it easier to deploy. Take a listen to the interview above for how Google is using Go, more reasons why he finds it so refreshing, and how it's made him feel like a productive programmer again.

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