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What is pervasive automation?

If IT automation is the key to delivering better software, faster, pervasive automation is how you do this broadly and deeply at enterprise scale. It’s empowering teams through implementing automation standards and practices across your infrastructure and applications. It’s having the ability to adapt to the future no matter how complex IT gets.

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Introducing the journey to pervasive automation

Breaking down these silos to standardize automation isn’t done in a day -- it’s an ongoing journey all teams must go on together.

What does IT have on prem and on the cloud?

Whether on prem, on the cloud, or in a hybrid infrastructure, your teams need an accurate, real-time inventory of IT assets to determine what to automate next. While CMDB tools can give a snapshot, that list of goods is quickly outdated at the speed of today’s business. The first step toward pervasive automation is finding a platform like Puppet Discovery™ to forage and build a real-time list of everything within your IT estate so your teams know where to start automating.

Can your teams scale automation broadly and deeply?

Today’s DevOps teams must automate traditional and modern IT infrastructure and cooperate with release management teams on application delivery and quality. These toolchains, processes, and practices need to scale as automation silos are broken down. Another step on the journey is finding a platform that offers both task-based and model-driven automation for infrastructure that also extends into software delivery, like Puppet Enterprise.

How are you breaking down Dev and Ops silos?

Both a technological and cultural challenge, breaking down Dev and Ops silos ultimately improves the simplification and standardization of automation. It’s critical for teams to use a platform that grants the visibility and control required to release quality software while promoting and encouraging better DevOps practices for the enterprise over time. We introduced the Puppet Pipelines™ family of products to help you tackle these challenges.

How automated is your enterprise?

Organizations of every size and type have successfully adopted automation as part of their DevOps practices with the hope to increase innovation and leap ahead of their competition.

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Pervasive Automation