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We partner with industry-leading software and hardware vendors to help their customers — and ours — realize the benefits of software-defined infrastructure. Together with our partners, we develop, market and sell joint solutions that let all our customers do more, with greater efficiency.

There are two primary kinds of technology alliances. To learn more about partnering with Puppet, email

Technology alliance program

Global alliances

We partner with selected industry-leading companies to enable, develop, or integrate leading IT automation solutions. Our global alliance partners include EMC, Microsoft, Huawei, Cisco, and Amazon.

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Puppet Supported Partners

Puppet Supported partners develop and support solutions that work with Puppet technologies. Their solutions are highlighted as supported modules on the Puppet Forge.

Our Puppet Supported partners include Arista Networks and Cumulus, and each of their modules have been downloaded thousands of times.

Interested in becoming a Puppet Supported partner? Email us at

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