Bring your services to Puppet customers

Puppet service delivery partners help customers successfully develop, deploy and maintain their infrastructure with Puppet Enterprise.

Our service delivery partners are experts in Puppet and IT consulting, and are certified by Puppet. They work closely with our engineers, and are always up to date on best practices for Puppet implementation.

Approved service delivery partners gain access to our deployment best practices, certification opportunities for their consultants, and ongoing support and enablement as part of a subcontracting relationship. Investing in the enablement and certification of your consultants will give you market differentiation, increased credibility with our customer base, and additional service revenue streams.

Services delivery partner

How to become a Service Delivery Partner

We carefully evaluate all prospective Puppet service delivery partners. After you submit an application, we’ll assess your organization’s business strategy and services capabilities to determine alignment with the program goals and customer needs. If you are selected, you will be invited to meet with a Puppet Service Delivery Program representative to review program opportunities and details.

Contact [email protected]

Consultant certification

After your application has been accepted and you’re a service delivery partner, we’ll work with you to get at least one of your employees to certified consultant status.

The consultant certification process is designed to assess your consultants’ existing knowledge and experience, and to provide a customized learning journey for each consultant. We work closely with your consultants to supplement their expertise with the knowledge, best practices and methodologies that help Puppet Enterprise customers succeed. The process includes formal training, best practice workshops, and the opportunity to shadow other Puppet consultants, along with assessments to ensure comprehension, retention and ability to apply the learning.

Have a question about becoming a Puppet service delivery partner? Email [email protected].

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