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Introducing the Puppet Partner Services Endorsed (PPSE) program

Puppet has launched a new pathway for leading channel partners that enables them to tailor services to suit their clients. PPSE partners offer the marketplace innovative packages using Puppet products and services. Their customers get skilled staff and solutions tuned to their specific needs.

This exclusive program is by invitation only to our leading channel partners. It creates a path for them to be endorsed by Puppet for their capabilities. They get access to training and best practices.

PPSE Partners are market innovators, using Puppet products and services to be responsive to their client’s needs.

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Gear up – what you get as a PPSE

As a PPSE partner, you choose what Puppet services to offer. You run your business how you want. In addition to your regular Channel Partner benefits, acceptance in the PPSE program confers:

  • Puppet Partner Services Endorsed logo

  • A market differentiation that you can use to recruit and develop new business

  • Access to technical training resources

  • Alignment with Puppet best practices and methodologies

This is an opportunity for you to own your integration and deployment services, endorsed by Puppet. You bundle services that make sense to your customers, and you get all the benefits.

As a PPSE partner, the power is yours.

Build your business in the way that make sense for your customers – whether that is Puppet-specific or rolled up with a suite of other services. The opportunities are limitless, and all of them are under your brand.

How to level up to PPSE

An organization must be a Platinum, Gold, or Silver partner in good standing and have at least one vetted full time engineer to qualify for the PPSE program.

Other engineer requirements include:

  • Demonstrated technical ability, as well as soft, consulting, and project management skills, and

  • Puppet Certified Professional credential.

For more information, contact [email protected]

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