Expand your training options with Puppet

Puppet authorized training partners provide Puppet users with access to quality training throughout the world. As an authorized training partner, you will be able to sell official Puppet training courses in your region. Your Puppet certified instructors will use Puppet-developed courseware to teach students about managing their infrastructure with Puppet.

As an authorized Puppet training partner, you will receive instructor education and certification; access to instructor and student course materials; marketing of scheduled classes on Puppet’s website; and ongoing training updates.


  • Recognition as a Puppet authorized training partner.
  • Market differentiation through having a Puppet certified instructor on staff.
  • Use of Puppet course materials for instructor and students.
  • Marketing of scheduled classes on Puppet's website.
  • Sharing of revenue from Puppet courses.
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How to become a Puppet authorized training partner

We carefully select our authorized training partners to sell and deliver training based on their Puppet software knowledge, training abilities, and strategic alignment with program and regional needs.

When you're ready to get started, please submit an application. If you are selected, you'll receive additional information on how to complete the instructor certification process and become authorized to offer training courses within your designated region.

We are currently not accepting new Authorized Training Partner requests. Please contact us with any questions.

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After your application has been accepted and you’re an authorized training partner, we’ll work with you to get at least one of your employees ready to become a certified instructor. You'll be required to have a Puppet certified instructor on staff to remain a Puppet authorized training partner.

The instructor certification process is designed to ensure all Puppet students have high-quality, consistent training experiences. Instructors are certified for particular courses. For each class you wish to offer, your instructor(s) will attend the course and participate in the "train the trainer" session to become familiar with the course and how to teach it. Additionally, they will demonstrate their Puppet knowledge by successfully completing the Puppet professional certification exam.

Have a question about becoming a Puppet authorized training partner? Email [email protected].

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