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Thank you for being part of our community! As part of our commitment to ensure you achieve ongoing success with open source Puppet, we’ve created a unique service to help you find specific information in a more organized way and gain greater access to Puppet content.

Open Source Puppet Assist is a subscription service that includes:

  • Access for to a dedicated portal that includes training, blogs, product downloads and exclusive content created specifically for open source users. An annual subscription includes 5 portal licenses.
  • Tooling and documentation to enhance your experience using open source Puppet, including easy to find links to modules and projects.
  • Three scheduled sessions working with a support engineer for guidance and troubleshooting specific Puppet components.

The price for an annual subscription is $5,000 USD.

Call us

  • US: 1-877-575-9775
  • UK: +44-203-751-7670
  • Asia Pacific: +61-2-8249-8896
  • International: 1-503-575-9775

Email us

Fill out the form, or email, and a Puppet sales associate will get in touch.

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