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Don't take your open source Puppet journey alone.
Partner with Puppet and leverage content specifically written for the open source practitioner. Access tooling, one-on-one expert sessions and more with Open Source Puppet Assist.
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Open Source Puppet Assist (OSP Assist) is a subscription service built to help open source users achieve optimal use of Puppet. Subscribers get unlimited access to exclusive articles and tooling in the OSP Assist Portal, and three scheduled sessions with a Puppet expert who will coach you on setting up your Puppet component for optimal performance, as well as how to troubleshoot if you run into a problem.

You can access the OSP Assist Portal without a subscription. Examples of our most popular content are showcased below.

Optimize with a Puppet professional

OSP Assist includes three scheduled sessions with a Puppet support engineer who, via screen share, guides you to optimize Puppet components. You select the component and, after the session, you have that recording and a library of resources for future use.

OSP Assist Portal

The OSP Assist Portal is a single destination for Puppet-authored content, tooling, and training materials, organized by topic and designed for open source Puppet users. Quickly find “how to” and troubleshooting resources, and tips and tricks to improve your Puppet skills.

Watch recordings of Puppet employees demoing their open source projects. Previously open only to Puppet employees, you can now find them exclusively on the Portal.

Optimize Puppetserver performance using OSP Portal content:

Jarret Lavellee, principal support engineer, gives you an idea of what to expect during the “session” that’s included with the OSP service. Learn how to optimize your Puppetserver performance, including how to retroactively adjust settings and leverage the content and tooling available on the portal.

Select Portal content is available without an OSP Assist subscription. Check out some of the most popular resources:

  • Automating from zero to something 
    Get started on your automation journey with some tips on how to make infrastructure changes in a way that is less prone to missteps and errors.
  • Using Bolt and PowerShell with MS SQL Server 
    Bill Hurt walks through how to use Puppet Bolt and PowerShell with MS SQL Server to run one-off tasks against multiple machines at the same time, while making it easier to share those tasks with the rest of your team.

Exclusive OSP Assist Portal content

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