Nate Loomis
Wells Fargo

The Semantic Web is a promise of greatness to come, where the users converse in functional terms and the architecture delivers in technical ones. Today, its a service offering and orchestration. The services have specific contracts necessary to perform their function. However, with Puppet, you can start to model that business function; moving from a node view to an application view and ultimately to a view of business function delivered rapidly to different destinations. For this, the model must be declarative; human and machine readable. It must be extensible; not arcane. Services must throw away their specific contracts and accept a coarse-grained data structure. Only then can the services evolve. Only then will IT be able to respond to the business on their terms.

Presenter Bio:

Nate Loomis manages the Automated Configuration Engineering team at Wells Fargo and has worked with Puppet for about three years. Nate is focused on creating coarse interfaces to an event-based architecture with the flexibility to deliver on the complex requirements of an organization our size. He has been programming since the age of seven and specifically working with deployment automation and configuration for the last ten or so. He has been a developer, an architect, and many roles in between. He has a passion for tinkering with technology, and is a strong supporter of our open source community. Nate lives in Charlotte, NC with his wife and two kids. He enjoys pina coladas but isn't into yoga.