Learning Kit

Intro to Bolt

Resources for learning more

Congratulations, you now know the basics of using Bolt! There’s much more that Bolt can do, but the techniques you’ve learned already will prove useful with all sorts of system administration tasks.
Pat yourself on the back as you consider all the things you’ve learned in this course:

  • How to install Bolt
  • How to create temporary virtual machines to use as target nodes
  • How to configure Bolt to add nodes to groups and to avoid typing the same command line parameters over and over
  • How to use Bolt to run single commands on target nodes
  • How to run scripts consisting of multiple commands and powerful programming constructs like loops and conditionals

If you don’t need the target node virtual machines after completing this course, you can find instructions for deleting them in the Setting up target nodes section.

  • The official Bolt documentation has more thorough treatment of the topics in this course, and in-depth reference material. These topics are likely to be especially useful:
    • More ways to configure Bolt with bolt.yaml
    • More ways to configure Bolt with inventory.yaml:
  • Bolt source code is available for inspection and pull requests at its GitHub repository
  • There are many guides to Git, the most widely used version control system.
  • Microsoft has comprehensive documentation on the WinRM protocol
  • Digital Ocean has a great tutorial on working with SSH
  • Get help from Puppet support and Bolt developers by visiting the #bolt channel on puppet.slack.com
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