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May 2021
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Bridging to Cloud Native

20 May 2021, 11:00am-2:30pm SGT | 1:00pm – 4:30pm AEST

It’s undeniable that cloud adoption has increased the urgency for automation. For Puppet users, automation has always been a must-have as you’ve pioneered DevOps practices in your organizations. Now a new set of challenges are emerging from the growing adoption of cloud native architectures and technologies. The cloud native landscape is complex and fragmented with new tools popping up every day. How do you make sense of this evolving space and carefully choose the right mix of tools to help you manage what you have today and build a bridge to the future?  

We invite you to join us for a Puppet Camp dedicated to Puppet users who are applying their automation wisdom to manage cloud native environments. You’ll also see our latest Relay capabilities, designed to help cloud operations teams easily automate cloud native workflows through event-driven automation. 



Thursday, 20 May 2021, 11:00am-2:30pm SGT | 1:00pm – 4:30pm AEST

The Inevitability of Self-Healing Infrastructure, Kenaz Kwa, Director of Product, Puppet

The rate of change in our apps and infrastructure has risen dramatically as we’ve gotten more sophisticated in how we build things. As the automation surface area grows to accommodate hundreds of interconnected APIs across hybrid cloud environments, developers are using their own, home-grown “digital duct tape” to manage the growing number of events that require human effort. We’re rapidly approaching an era where the pace of change in these environments already exceeds the capacity of the team to respond tp alerts. How have others solved this problem? Well, this talk will discuss the history of self-healing infrastructure and how we can use modern tools like Relay to tame this “DevOps dumping ground”.

Overcoming challenges in adopting multi-cloud, Dries Dam, DevOps Architect, Bryxx

As enterprises embrace a multi-cloud strategy, the true advantages of leveraging multiple clouds in your organization are becoming clearer. However, overcoming the challenges associated with adopting different cloud providers has become increasingly important. In this joint session between Bryxx and Puppet, we’ll talk about the real benefits and tradeoffs of multi-cloud adoption as seen through real life use cases and discuss strategies for solving these operational challenges.

Managing Hybrid Cloud with Puppet: Co-Location Demo and Cloud Management Discussion, John Laffey, Puppet

With servers co-located on premises and cloud-hosted, administrators are faced with managing multiple platforms, and learning new strategies and tools for deployment and policy compliance.  What if you could extend your existing solutions for on-prem management to servers in the cloud?  Whether you’re an early hybrid cloud adopter or just starting out, this interactive session will show how to deploy and maintain an application to both on-prem and cloud-hosted servers. The demo will include how the co-located instances can share most of their Puppet code, with simple additional classes for managing the cloud-specific resources, and show how all the instances can be monitored and reported on via the PE console.  After the demo, we’ll have a discussion with participants and Puppet experts around cloud management challenges and experiences as well as suggestions and guidance for building an automated and scalable solution.  You can submit your ideas and cloud challenges here.

Open Source is for Everyone, Anyone, Everywhere! Morgan Caroll (Senior Cloud Engineer), Brittany Barnes (Cloud and Cognitive Software Engineer), and Dixsie Wolmers (Front End Developer), IBM 

Listen to a Panel of three IBM IT professionals working in diverse business areas talk about journey from knowing nothing at all about open source, to choosing open source projects that they felt they could learn from and bring value to. Whether you’re an experienced project lead wanting to attract more newbies to open source, or you’re not sure how far out of your comfort zone to go and dipping your toes into open source projects, come and hear their thoughts, feedback and ideas

And more! 



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