Set up your trial in four easy steps

Installing Puppet Discovery is straightforward for most developers or admins, taking about 35 to 50 minutes on average. Setup time can vary if you have an existing Puppet license and have Docker installed on your workstation.

Let’s walk through each of the steps below to get running ASAP. Get more details from our documentation.

Download Puppet Discovery binary for your platform

Select a platform with the tabs below. Download the installer package or copy the URL to install via script. Create a directory called `puppet-discovery` and place the download there. This is where the unpacking tool will look to continue with installation.



Mac OS

Mac OS

Make sure Docker is installed on your workstation

You’ll need Docker to unpack your Discovery build. Verify that Docker is installed on your machine before progressing to the next step.

Get a Puppet Discovery trial license

Your Puppet Discovery trial license unlocks full product functionality for 30 days, letting you run up to 50 Discovery Units. Obtain a trial license and then proceed to the next step.

Install Puppet Discovery via command line tool

Make binary executable

Binary should be in the same directory from Step 1. Make it executable with this command:

chmod a+x ./puppet-discovery

Start discovery

From the same directory as the binary, run this command to launch Discovery:

./puppet-discovery start

Enter your license key

When prompted, enter the license key you obtained from Step 3.

Accept the End User Agreement

To agree to the terms and conditions, press `y`.

Set your admin password

Set the admin password that you’ll use to log into Puppet Discovery.

CAUTION: Passwords cannot be retrieved. Take note of your password to ensure that you don’t lose your discovered infrastructure data. To change your password, use this command:

./puppet-discovery config change-password

Click the “Finish Setup” button to access additional resources on Discovery and gain special product offers and bundles if you choose to convert to a full license.

Getting started with Puppet Discovery

Download Puppet Discovery to experience a new way to browse and discover every resource in your hybrid infrastructure. Go beyond looking at outdated spreadsheets and take action to bring resources under management, including on-prem, hybrid, cloud, and containerized resources.

Puppet Discovery Dashboard

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