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You’ll also to need to ensure the workstation running Puppet Discovery has Docker installed.

By installing the software, you agree to the terms of the Puppet Discovery End User license agreement.

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Mac OS

Mac OS

Getting started with Puppet Discovery

Download Puppet Discovery to experience a new way to browse and discover every resource in your hybrid infrastructure. Go beyond looking at outdated spreadsheets and take action to bring resources under management, including on-prem, hybrid, cloud, and containerized resources.

Puppet Discovery Dashboard

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Learn why Discovery is the first step to pervasive automation

Knowing what you have unlocks the opportunity to optimize your infrastructure, adjust underutilized or unused resources, and bring all resources under management. Download our free e-book to learn why IT asset discovery is a critical step toward automation across the enterprise broadly and deeply.

Watch a walkthrough of Puppet Discovery and its features

Download this on-demand webinar to watch our own experts walk through Puppet Discovery. In this free video you’ll see how this innovative way to discover browses all resources within a hybrid infrastructure and how users can take action on what they find.

Read more about Puppet Discovery’s key benefits

Our Product team covers the details of Puppet Discovery in a recent blog article. Get the high-level overview of Puppet Discovery and then jump into your free trial.

What’s pervasive automation?

Modern ways to discover and manage IT assets in hybrid infrastructures are just one part of a longer journey toward automating broadly and deeply across your enterprise. Learn more about this journey to pervasive automation and see where your enterprises compares.