Latest event vulnerability task details


The Vulnerability Task Detail page for vulnerabilities provides information on a particular task that has been run to mitigate an individual vulnerability.

You access the Vulnerability Task Detail page by clicking the task name in the Event column in the table on the Latest events page for the vulnerability.

You can also access the Vulnerability Task Detail page by clicking the task in the Latest events area on the vulnerability's Vulnerability details page.

The Vulnerability Task Detail page contains a metrics bar that give you at a glance information on:

  • The status of the task (Succeeded/Failed/Running/Pending).
  • The number of nodes targeted.
  • The number of nodes on which the task failed.
  • The ID of the user who initiated the task.
  • The date and time the task was initiated.

Information is also displayed on:

  • Any comments made on the task by the initiator.
  • Any parameters passed to the tasks.
  • The credentials used by the task to access nodes.

Vulnerability tasks table shows status information and task completion time information for each node included in the task. Click the IP address for a node to go to the Node Detail page.

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