Release notes


New features, enhancements, resolved issues, and known issues for Puppet Remediate 1.x release series.

Version 1.1.0

Released 31 October 2019

New in this release:

  • support - Remediate now supports the (Security Center) vulnerability scanner.
  • Multi-user support - User management in Remediate has been completely updated. Administrators can now:
    • Create and manage multiple users accounts.
    • Assign different group privileges to user accounts.
    • Configure Remediate to work with LDAP or Active Directory servers.
  • RBAC Permissions - Assign user privileges to:
    • Add, remove, or run tasks
    • Add or remove credentials
    • Add or remove sources
  • Remediation workflow improvements - The vulnerability remediation workflow has been improved and additional information on the vulnerability and the steps needed to remediate it are provided.

Resolved issues in this release:

  • Offline install not working - The -o flag has been introduced to the remediate start command to ensure you can start remediate when there is no internet access.
  • OpenSSH private key support - Remediate now supports the latest version of OpenSSH private keys.

Version 1.0.1

Released 1 August 2019.

This is the initial release of Remediate.

Known issues:

  • Unable to install Remediate on Debian8 with the default kernel module. Upgrade to Kernal 4.9 and install Remediate again.
  • Network discovered nodes being shown as cloud instances. Hosts discovered via their IP address will be counted as a cloud instance and visible in the top cloud instance by region card.
  • Due to inconsistent DNS lookups, tasks fail to run on discovered hosts. When discovered hosts are running on the same domain, an inconsistent DNS lookup between discovering hosts and running tasks on discovered hosts results in tasks failing.
  • In a multi-network environment, the first discovery run might not identify the IP or hostname. Wait for the second discovery run, which happens automatically after four hours.
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